The Issue of Faking It

Some people fake it, not necessarily all the time, but some of the time. At least, they only fake it some of the time at first. Unfortunately, the more they fake it, the more they lose the ability to know what is real and genuine, and then the more they have to fake it.

I am not talking about sex. I am talking about psychics. I sometimes come across Web sites expressing disappointment in some psychic or channeler or other, and I think it is time to talk about it. Of course, I already cover some of this topic in my article here, but I am adding to that information to specifically address the issue of psychics who fake it and the repercussions that such actions have.

The biggest issue is that people expect psychics to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. In addition, if the psychic is a channeler and especially if the psychic is a trance or whole-body channeler, there is an expectation (very often on the psychic’s part as well) that the psychic must be completely infallible and will never make a miscall or show any signs of being a human being and must have access to supernatural information all the time that they are channeling. And that not a trace of their humanity or human fallibility can leak through while they are channeling.

When the inevitable happens and the psychic is found out to be human, and fallible, and capable of making mistakes no matter how deep their trance is, then there is the tendency on the part of others to become deeply disillusioned and to say that the psychic had to have been faking it all along, and that the entity must not really exist, and that, in fact, no psychic is genuine and there is no spiritual realm at all. Or at least, there are no spirits who wish to help us.

This is a sad and desperate and often very angry and trapped-feeling place to be for the ones who have been disappointed. So how does this come about? And how can one move from that place of feeling victimized to a place of more centered wholeness?

The first great misunderstanding that both channelers and people who listen to channelers have is that the channeler has nothing whatsoever to do with the channeling in any way, shape, or form. The mistaken belief is that channelers have no input regarding the messages being channeled, and that they are just some kind of cosmic radio tuned to Station Entity.

This is not true.

EVERY channeler is an active part of the channeling process, and therefore has a lot of input on what the message is. Even when “unconscious,” they are participating in a process of translating the message that is being given to them. That message goes through their own filters and preconceptions just as much as it would with a conscious channel—perhaps even more so than a conscious channel, because a conscious channel, at least a very aware one, can set aside filters and preconceptions more readily so as to create a translation that is closer to the truth.

Common sense tells us that nobody is infallible, not even the Pope. So why do we set that common sense aside when getting involved with a psychic? One answer is that sometimes we just want to communicate with a being who is all-wise, all-knowing, and all-seeing, and we also want it to be true that the person through whom that all-wise being is communicating is likewise as all-wise and all-seeing and, most importantly, all-truthful.

But, put that way, we see instantly that of course that can’t be true. Yes, there are all-wise and all-knowing beings, but they cannot override someone’s free will. Their message may be (and almost certainly is) crystal clear and 100% accurate and truthful from their side, but they can only work within the structure of the channel’s abilities, choices, and limitations. So if that person chooses to translate the entity’s words in a particular way, there is nothing the entity can do about it.

One classic example is when a person, speaking as an entity, says that that entity can and will only ever speak through that one channel. This is a misinterpretation or mistranslation. What the entity is saying is that the connection between them and the channel is unique. If the person chooses to translate that as “the connection is the only one ever that can be made,” that is their translation, not the actual message. No matter what any channeler says, of course the entity is not limited to speaking to only one person. That is as ridiculous on the face of it as saying that only certain people or only one person can speak with God, and everyone else must listen to that person for God’s wisdom and guidance. Of course that isn’t so. Of course God can and does speak with each one of us. Some of us have a hard time listening or believing, but that doesn’t alter the fact itself that God speaks with us. And when we do listen, our connection with God, our relationship, is unique. There is no other like it ever, nor will there ever be.

So, this is one big problem. I always encourage people not to leave their self-will, common sense, or self-trust at the door when I do readings, and I encourage you likewise to trust yourself as much as you can. Know that you have it in you to tell what is true and what isn’t, and don’t put psychics—or anyone else, for that matter—on a pedestal from which they must, inevitably, fall.

The next problem is that some psychics take their mistranslations a bit further. Because they know that others expect them to always be psychically “on” and able to get information, and because they know people expect them to be accurate all the time—and even perhaps because they think this is true of themselves—they feel a little bit of fear or even a thrill of panic when they don’t “get” something psychically.

When I am doing a reading and someone asks me a question and I don’t “get” anything, psychically speaking, I tell them so. I know this surprises and disappoints some people, but from my point of view and according to my ethical standards, I have no other valid choice. I cannot lie about it and make something up. This is mostly because I have a deep aversion to dishonesty. It is also because I know that a lie isn’t going to help that person. And finally, it is because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as soon as a person starts lying about their psychic abilities, they start to shut themselves off from those abilities. It becomes a vicious circle—one time, they get no psychic information, so they lie and make something up, something that sounds plausible. And they get away with it because others are so willing to believe that they will ignore their own red flags and doubts. The next time the psychic information doesn’t come, they lie some more. As this continues, they become less and less able to detect the real psychic information, and they are lying more and more, at which point they are faking it pretty much all the time.

However, not all psychics know that lying will lead to a loss of their abilities. So they lie. And because everyone always knows when a lie has been told, even if they don’t let themselves be fully, consciously aware of it, a certain amount of discomfort is introduced. The listeners will even try to help the channel—because we are all helpful people, or most of us, anyway—and will try to explain how the lie can be so. But it is a lie, and so it can’t be so.

It isn’t fair to blame the psychic solely for this. If a person has put that psychic on a pedestal, and the psychic fell off, then, well, the person might want to take a look inside themselves and see who they really are most angry at and disappointed with. So they made a mistake about the pyschic. So what? They can learn from it and move on when they are done stewing about it. But it serves no one to stew about it until it festers; instead, the task at hand is to work through all those feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment, betrayal, and so on until they come to a place of peace about it. And I would suggest that part of that place of peace will be accepting oneself for being human and fallible, and allowing others to be likewise, and knowing that ultimately it is okay.

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3 thoughts on “The Issue of Faking It

  1. Dear Marina,

    I just ‘stumbled’ upon your website and this blog and wanted to write and say thank you! As a channel myself I find I am more hard on myself than my clients if I get a message wrong. My guides keep telling me to stop this and I’m sure they lead me to your article to help me with my own readings and channelings.

    Continue the good work and I look forward to listening and reading more of your material.

    Miss Blake Cahoon

  2. Hello Marina,
    Thank You, from the Top (full) of my Heart for voicing this Truth! We intuitives/pychics/channelers ‘humanly’ get frustrated by this all too often. Pishaw.

    We get ‘mis labeled’ as ‘a human’ as well, people try to find a label for things they don’t understand so they can find a ‘frame of reference’. Unfortunately, -judging rather than +discerning, (there IS a difference) cuts us off from listening to the Truth in our Hearts (which KNOWS the Truth when it hears it). Tell the Truth anyway, Love anyway. That’s your personal Truth.

    Thank you for your website, especially love your atlantis work (I’ll get back to you on the ‘cats). Thanks for including reference links (credability), FYI: I ‘stumbled’ on you through the ‘flower of Life’ photo. Bless You!
    Keep shining your radiant Light, Rebecca

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