Solutions for Bad Backs

Lots of us have suffered back pain (upper, lower, mid) and neck pain, often because we have been sitting at desks for years, maybe decades, leaning forward to see our monitors. I prefer natural remedies and have been advocating turmeric as a wonder “drug”; it is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, and has a ton of other benefits besides. I love curry (and even  recipes I created myself), so there seems to be no downside to turmeric from my perspective.

In addition, I also believe that one of the natural remedies we can use is to move and hold our bodies differently. While researching back pain and how to cure it, I came across Among other resources, the author of this site offers three ebooks. One is for rebuilding your back (“a common sense back rebuilding program for people who don’t like to exercise. Does not involve drugs, surgery, pills, injections, supplements, gadgets or gimmicks”), a second is for rebuilding your neck, and a third is filled with natural pain relief techniques. In addition to the books, this site has a number of articles and a forum where people chan share information.

The author is trying a different approach to supporting his Web site: instead of you buying his books, he asks that you donate to his Web site, and then you can choose which book you would like as a thank-you. Donate more, get more books. (Though I am not sure how this differs from just charging for the books.) Or, you can write a review of the Web site, which I am doing. I am rather anxious to try out one of his books; once I get one, I will post a review of it here as well.

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One thought on “Solutions for Bad Backs

  1. Yes I do agree with this concept. Although some cases of back pain are due to injury or condition a great many people suffer back pain as a result of their posture and habits. If we were better informed on how to look after our back far fewer people would be suffering from chronic back pain.

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