Spirituality and Drug Use

This brief excerpt is from a recent private reading I did. I have permission from the person, and there is nothing here that identifies that person in any way. The question asked was concerning drug use and spiritual growth.

There are many ways and many cultural paths for enlightenment, though we recommend that each  person follow the path that suits their genetic heritage. There is a  reason for this: your genetic heritage is a choice you have made. That is, you have chosen, before you were born, to be part of that heritage, and therefore it is a choice you have made for this lifetime to be a part of that heritage. This means honoring that which is sacred within that heritage, and following the practices of that heritage. Lest you start to fear this or feel that it is highly restrictive, be aware that when we look at your cultural heritage (as part of your genetic heritage), we are looking at a very long span of time, not just the past few hundred or even thousand years. So from that very long span of time, you have a wide range of choices for your expression. We do not mean that you need forego following the  practices of other cultures as they seem appropriate to you or as you are drawn to them, for in fact many people, yourself included, have ancestors who belonged to a variety of cultures. If you are drawn to something and feel that it is right for you, then it almost certainly is.

Now, we will say that it can be detrimental to rely too much on drugs as a method of achieving any state, not so much because of the drug itself, as that the drug is a tool you are using to attain a state that you are capable of attaining without any drugs. It can take time, study, and practice to be able to attain those states without the use of any external methods, but we draw your attention to the yogis of India, as well as the practitioners of “magic” from many different cultures, to show that others have gotten there, and so can you as well. Just as the athletes of your own country (and other countries) show how the human body can reach very fine states of fitness and physical capability, the yogis and medicine men and women and shamans and so on all have shown how the human being is likewise capable of attaining very fine states of awareness, and very finely refined and attuned spiritual and mental states. So we encourage you to strive for such states, without judging yourself or taking away from yourself any tools or props you need at the moment.
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