Tarring With the Same Brush

Here are some of the differences, with my opinions.

People who are striving to create the New World Order are trying to create a single world government so that some people who think they know better than the rest of us can be in control of humanity. The NWO people are all about lies and deception and worshipping evil because ultimately they fear that that is their own true nature, and so they feel they might as well embrace it, because they see no redemption for themselves.

There are some people associated with the NWO who like to claim that Satan/Lucifer is just a poor, misunderstood soul who is actually a good boy. The NWO people are fond of Orwellian phrases like, “War is peace. The Antichrist is good,” and the like. They also associate separate things (kind of like certain Christians) and say they are one and the same. “Maitreya (the Buddha of compassion) = Christ = the Antichrist.”

There are some who claim this is a conspiracy theory and that there is no such group. I once asked my spirit guides about it. They said yes, there are many conspiracies and conspirators, but that there is a higher spiritual reality that those conspirators are not, at the moment, aware of, so it wasn’t anything I needed to worry about.

People in the New Age Movement are seekers who wish to revive a sense of spirituality in their lives. Tired of listening to people who don’t walk their talk, they have, many of them, broken away from traditional churches in an effort to find something that is genuine. They wish to live gently on this earth, and to learn how to love themselves and others. Like anyone else, some of them, maybe many of them, are, alas, easily deceived, but their own intentions are not evil. Yes, like the Christians and the NWO people, they, too, tend to like to lump things together; I’ve read more than one New Age article that says Christ = Maitreya, or that Sananda = Jesus. I don’t agree, but I think the intention is to try to find common ground, not to confuse people. Or maybe such people just didn’t exercise discernment and read something by a NWOist and nodded and thought that it sounded good.

And yet, if gulled or misled, the New Agers are no more to be faulted than the Christians who look down on them. Any Christian who claims that there are no phony or deceived Christians is either in denial or a liar. There are a lot of people who call themselves Christians, including many famous preachers, who are far from the Christian ideal. And yet, Christians follow them, many in good faith.

Worshipping Satan or Lucifer or anything like those two are not part of the New Age Movement. As soon as someone says they worship Satan, they are declaring themselves a Satanist, which is not the same thing and can never be the same thing as a New Ager. To help muddy the waters, a Satanist may pose as a New Ager, but they are not.

I think one of the things I find most distasteful about some Christian discourse is that when someone interprets the Bible differently than they, they accuse that person, not just of being wrong, but of following Satan. What is ironic is that they are basing their own interpretations either on themselves (rare) or on what some other human being told them the Bible meant. In other words, they are arguing that some humans beings (i.e., them or their pastors or whoever they have chosen to believe) have an inside track to knowing exactly what the Bible means, and any other human being who disagrees is just plain wrong. A rare few do claim that God told them what it really means, but when I hear some of the hate that such people spill, I remain unconvinced that what they have to say has anything to do with God.

I could argue that I do, in fact, happen to talk with God (I do, and Jesus and Mary as well, and have been told by a very holy Christian woman that I am very close to Jesus and Mary and that I have a very pure heart. I can’t tell you how amusing it is when Christians tell me that it isn’t possible for me to talk with Jesus because “Jesus is dead.” Don’t they read the Bible? What was that part about being arisen again?).

But that isn’t a valid argument because (A) I have no more proof that my communications are genuine than anyone else and (B) I could be wrong in what I am hearing (not that God is wrong, but I in my humanity might be getting in the way of his message) and (C) other people also claim to talk with God, so who am I to claim that I have better hearing? and (D) I haven’t really talked much with him about the Bible.

I guess the bottom line is, once again, listen to your inner wisdom and guidance; listen to that voice in your heart that never steers you wrong, and don’t believe something that doesn’t feel or sound right to you. Even what I am saying—if it doesn’t seem true or right to you, follow the dictates of your own heart.

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