Autism and Vaccinations

About 14 years ago, I had a vivid dream in which I visited a woman I had recently met on the Internet. I saw her teaching an entire classroom full of autistic children. The classroom, however, had only two partial walls and no roof, and above, the sky was that dark grey-blue of thick storm clouds. She and I in the dream spoke about autism and its causes, and then I woke up.

Later, I found out that she did, indeed, teach autistic children. One point for getting information through a dream.

The other point, the causes of autism, is a little less easy to award. In the dream, I was told that vaccinations can trigger autism, but that they aren’t actually the cause. Instead, the scenario ran something like this in the dream:

  1. Vaccinations are given to children in the belief that the child’s body is not capable of dealing with common childhood illnesses. In other words, there is a fear that the child’s body is too weak, and a belief that the child may not survive if he or she falls ill.
  2. The child’s spirit, which is still coming into the body, still making connections between the spirit and the physical, hears that message loud and clear.
  3. With some children, that spirit then withdraws in fear. It stops embodying itself out of fear that it can and will be harmed. Et voila, an autistic child.

Now, of course, I am not the only one drawing a conclusion here. There are many who have connected the dots and say the picture isn’t good. And there are a lot of excellent books detailing the pros and cons of vaccinations. I am definitely not advising anyone in any way here; I am just sharing a dream.

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3 thoughts on “Autism and Vaccinations

  1. I have had a strong intuitive feeling that I should not vaccinate my daughter even before she was born. Her birth had some complications and the NICU MD insisted I give her the Vit K shot. I gave in as well…and I felt I had let myself down and my intuitive messages..which I believe come from my daughter as well as my higher self.

    Never again. Doctors in general do not have enough information to make me feel comfortable following their recommendations. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

  2. Hi!!
    I recently sent you an email on your “lighthouse” website. Am really enjoying your posts, website et. al. Thank you! I find myself feeling very comfortable with your writings – they fit the way I think and feel. Was not surprised to find out that your daughter is a Waldorf child – my children are also. And the Eurythmy Instructor comment about her – grounded on all levels – same one made about my daughter! Our Eurythmist used to call her the “barometer” of the class. She is now in class 9 in an international school in Sweden and that “grounded” little girl is still there. Regards and Love to you,

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