Transdimensional Existence

Recently, I have been taking a look at crop circles. I am not writing this blog post about them specifically (though I think most of them are incredible pieces of art that are created by something other than humans). Instead, I am writing to share an insight I had while viewing a documentary about crop circles.

In the extras that came with the DVDs of the documentary, one of the people being interviewed was asked the question, how would interdimensional beings make contact with beings in our dimension? His answer was, well, the interdimensional beings would create something based in our dimension, something that also carries with it information about that greater reality those beings reside within.

This got me thinking. I believe that we are all beings existing in multiple dimensions at once, and that we, as we are in this three-dimensional reality (four-dimensional if you count time), are each a manifestation of an aspect of our multi-dimensional selves

Even believing that, I guess I always had this idea in the back of my head that the greater parts of ourselves were kind of busy elsewhere. Not that those parts aren’t unaware of us, because they are, and not that they don’t care, because they do, and even not that they aren’t doing their best to stay in touch with us, because they definitely are! But I always kind of assumed that we aren’t a priority. But thinking about that question, I started to have an image of the interdimensional existences of all of us taking an intense and friendly interest in us, both individually and collectively.

Somehow that idea is deeply comforting to me. I am hoping that it might also be for you as well. Psychic messages I have received recently for various people all seem to be saying that this year especially, trust is important. Thinking or believing that we are all watched and loved by ourselves is one way to increase our level of trust, no matter what is happening in our three-dimensional world.

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One thought on “Transdimensional Existence

  1. good, have been getting the same, like our other selves have no physical body but they have form so to speak, try some dmt once in your life, you get to meet them! 🙂

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