Some agendas making the rounds

Here are some agendas being pushed in the media, movies, fiction. Whether you choose to go along with them or not is your right; I just encourage you to do it consciously and not be stampeded.
  • Aliens are wonderful, advanced beings who¬†are here to help us.
  • Cyborgs/artificial intelligence is sexy and better than humans in every way.
  • Humans are a disease that should be wiped off the planet. (This statement always seems to exclude the person making it.)
  • Everyone who disagrees with you and has different beliefs than you do is evil and deserves to be feared/hated/deported and definitely banned from speaking.
  • Conspiracies are everywhere and we are all powerless against them.
  • The greater a person’s education and intelligence, the more likely they are to go rogue and commit heinous crimes.
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