A Small Corner of Peace

Late last year I was in a room with a very large lamp made of Himalayan salt. The lamp had a soft, peaceful glow that seemed to emanate on more than the visible spectrum. I felt calm, safe, unhurried, and peaceful in that room. Intrigued, I looked into the subject.

If various sources are correct, Himalayan salt is mined in the Himalayans; its origin is from an eons-old ocean that dried up into a huge salt bed, which was then submerged under tons of earth so that it compressed into a very hard form of salt. Because the salt was laid down so long ago, it is free of modern pollutants. Because it was from an ancient ocean, it has the range of trace elements and minerals that natural sea salts have. (As a side note, normal table salt has had all but the sodium chloride removed from it and thus has very little to recommend its use.)

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2 thoughts on “A Small Corner of Peace

  1. I just thought I’d drop you a line to say that I very much enjoy reading your Blogs Maria! I too have a salt lamp and whilst I’m not able to ‘read’ the energies surrounding it, I do love the soft, peachy glow that it emits. Here’s hoping that one day I’ll be as sensitive as your good self! (I am seeing occasional flashes of colour in my peripheral vision nowadays but I’m unsure as to whether the source of these colours is produced by myself or something outside of me..if there is such a place!?!)

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