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How To Make Freecycle Posts That Work

Are you a Freecycler? Do you sometimes have trouble getting people to take the items you are offering? Freecycle is a worldwide network of local groups of people who are either asking for items for free, or are giving away items for free. The groups are local because people have to be able to pick up […]

How To Save Money #15: Reduce Transportation Costs

One way to save a fair chunk of money every year is to reduce your transportation costs. A vehicle is one of the larger investments you make. Here are some easy things to do to keep your costs down: Keep your vehicle for a longer time. Keep your vehicle maintained. When it is time to replace […]

Favorite e-Card Site

Check it out! For a very modest fee, you can send charming animated greeting cards from, a British Web site. BY “modest,” I mean US$12 for one yer or US$18 for two. Considering how much time and money you save by sending greetings electronically, and the good will you develop by finally remembering that […]

Send a Delightful Advent Calendar as a Gift Now

One of my childhood delights was the annual advent calendar my mother would purchase. Made of cardboard decorated with a winter holiday picture or themes, it would have little flaps numbered from 1 through 24. Those numbers represented December 1st through 24th. Starting on December 1st, one of my siblings or I would be allowed […]