How To Save Money #19: Shop Around Before Buying

When we buy impulsively, we may end up regretting the purchase. It might be more money than we really wanted to spend on that item, or we might find we don’t like that item as much as we thought we would, or we find that we could have gotten it for less somewhere else—sometimes a lot less.

So before you purchase something, look online, browse locally, compare all costs (including taxes, shipping and handling, the gasoline it would take to drive to purchase it, etc.) before deciding something is a bargain. Look at unit pricing! The large economy size isn’t always a better deal; sometimes two smaller containers of something are less expensive per ounce or unit than one larger one.

After you’ve done your research, use a cooling off period before you buy; that is, give yourself a day or two, or a week before you purchase. You may find you don’t want it as badly as you thought.

Also, don’t let yourself be stampeded into purchasing something under some kind of deadline. Be especially suspicious of sales people trying to tell you the opportunity will never come again. In the vast majority of cases, whatever that item is, you will have the chance to buy it later or somewhere else, perhaps at the same price or even a better one. 

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