How To Save Money

How To Make Freecycle Posts That Work

Are you a Freecycler? Do you sometimes have trouble getting people to take the items you are offering? Freecycle is a worldwide network of local groups of people who are either asking for items for free, or are giving away items for free. The groups are local because people have to be able to pick up […]

How To Save Money #20: Distinguish Between Need and Greed

I play MMOs—massive, multi-player online games. Often in an MMO, you adventure together with other people who are also playing. And an essential part of adventuring is getting loot—items, clothing, accessories, weapons, and so on. In most games, everyone in your adventure party gets to say whether they need the item that drops, or whether they would […]

How To Save Money #16: Turn Off the Lights

I’d like to think that everyone is already making this a habit, but experience has taught me otherwise. You can save a lot of money by turning off your lights when you leave a room. Or the television, or stereo, or other electronic device. Or powering down your computer instead of leaving it on when […]

How To Save Money #15: Reduce Transportation Costs

One way to save a fair chunk of money every year is to reduce your transportation costs. A vehicle is one of the larger investments you make. Here are some easy things to do to keep your costs down: Keep your vehicle for a longer time. Keep your vehicle maintained. When it is time to replace […]

How To Save Money #14: Buy Quality

Buy quality. Quality lasts. This doesn’t mean buy the most expensive item, because cost and quality aren’t always directly related. But it does mean to take a good look at what you are buying, and if there is an affordable, better quality, but somewhat more expensive choice, buy that. Here’s an example: when I was […]