Favorite e-Card Site

Check it out! For a very modest fee, you can send charming animated greeting cards from, a British Web site. BY “modest,” I mean US$12 for one yer or US$18 for two. Considering how much time and money you save by sending greetings electronically, and the good will you develop by finally remembering that […]

How To Save Money #11: Shop Online for Your Vitamins, Bath, and Cat Supplies

Many of my recent posts in this series have been on the longer side, so I am taking pity on you with this shorter post. When purchasing vitamins and other food supplements, as well as soap, shampoo, and other personal bath needs, if you buy locally, you are almost certainly paying far too much. You […]

The FURminator Really Works

I came across several Web sites that recommended a grooming aid for cats and dogs called the FURminator. I was skeptical at first, but our cats really needed something and nothing we’ve tried before has been of much use. Rakes, brushes, combs, those weird loop blade things—they all disappointed us. I especially wanted something for my […]