How To Save Money #11: Shop Online for Your Vitamins, Bath, and Cat Supplies

Many of my recent posts in this series have been on the longer side, so I am taking pity on you with this shorter post. When purchasing vitamins and other food supplements, as well as soap, shampoo, and other personal bath needs, if you buy locally, you are almost certainly paying far too much. You can get the exact same brands, same quality, and possibly in a fresher state, by purchasing online from a reputable Web site. My personal favorite is And no, I am not an affiliate. I am not even sure they have an affiliate program. I am just happy to share what I have discovered. started out as a place to purchase your vitamins, minerals, and other food supplements online. They’ve expanded into a number of areas; think of your local hybrid regular/health food store, and you might have an idea of what they carry. I’ve purchased soap, shampoo, conditioner, vitamins and other supplements, and, more recently, canned cat food. They have organic products, herbs, diet items, some cosmetics, homeopathic items, Rescue Remedy, and a lot more. They don’t carry everything, but chances are high that they will carry what you need and use, and you will pay less—sometimes a lot less—for it.

But what about shipping, you ask? They have a flat $4.99 shipping fee, no matter how much (or how little) you order. So mosey on over, take a look, and see what you think.

More on the Cat Front

Later, I will be making a post specifically for places to buy a wider range of cat supplies. But since I am speaking of, I want to mention that I’ve recently discovered that they carry Cosequin for Cats, which used to only be available by prescription for an exorbitant sum of money. Fortunately, this wonderful supplement for aging cats is now available for purchase over the counter.  My oldest cat, Merlin, has been getting stiff in the joints and was having trouble jumping up onto things. He wasn’t playing much anymore and he was neglecting his coat, especially on his back legs.

After sprinkling the Cosequin over his food (okay, well, all the cats eat it, but as far as I know, it can’t hurt the younger ones) for several weeks, we are seeing a welcome and noticeable improvement in his mobility. He can leap up more easily onto things, and is scampering about playfully in the mornings again, like he used to do. In addition, he is much less stiff when going down the stairs. And his coat is much glossier and more cared-for again. He is still a bit stiff, but not as much, and he is clearly feeling much better.

Either once or twice a day, we sprinkle one capsule over each bowl of kibble (we have two bowls out at all times). One of our other older cats, Marigold, will sometimes wait by a freshly-filled kibble bowl until we sprinkle the Cosequin on the kibble. Sometimes she doesn’t insist on it, so I think she must just know when she needs it.

Mind you, this entire post is for informational purposes only and is not in any way a diagnosis or prescription. Use your own judgment and consult with a veterinarian before using any new products.

As for the kibble, we feed the cats Holistic Natural Feline, which I purchase directly from Bench & Field. They don’t charge shipping and they are less expensive, if you purchase the 55-pound bag, than Trader Joe’s, which is where I used to get my kibble. Shipping is free and you don’t have to pay tax, plus, of course, you don’t have to drive anywhere, so you save money there as well. Every little bit adds up!

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4 thoughts on “How To Save Money #11: Shop Online for Your Vitamins, Bath, and Cat Supplies

  1. Hi I don’t like Vitacost, because they set up their marketing affiliates to automatically receive your email and credit card information, if you enter their contests or discounts. I ordered soap from them last year, and I just entered in my email for their contest or discount I forget what it was, next thing I know this random company received my credit card info and email. You have to tell their affiliates to not bill you if you accidentally sign up. I think iherb is better, and has more integrity, because they don’t use the automated programs to share your credit card info. I complained to Vitacost about them sharing customers credit card info using automated programs, and they didn’t care.

    • I don’t ever recall seeing contests at, nor do they have any kind of affiliate program that I know of (and I just double-checked). Is it possible you shopped at some place with a very similar name, such as That place does have an affiliate program as well as various promotions.

  2. Great advice about shopping online for vitamins and other health products. I work for an online vitamin and supplement retailer and our prices are much lower than the ones available at local retail stores.

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