Tomato Fears

A woman I know, Pamelah Landers, does palm reading (and a wonderful job of it; she’s very accurate).

In reading your hands, Pamelah¬†identifies your gifts and life purpose.¬†As part of this process, she talks about what she calls the “master path” and the “student path” for our life purpose and gifts in this life. For example, if your intentions as a soul this life are to talk in front of people, and you go ahead and do it, that is the master path. However, with that path comes a fear of being rejected, booed off the stage, so to speak. She calls this the “tomato fear” (from the idea of having tomatoes thrown at you). If you allow that fear to keep you from doing what your heart is drawn to, then you are on the student path for that gift.

If you are interested, you can contact her and see what she can do for you. She can do readings remotely; she will tell you what she needs.

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