Cat Food for Tender Tummies

Some kitties are sensitive to grains or just plain have sensitive tummies. For those kitties, it can be hard to find cat food they can stomach. My daughter’s cat is one of those; most foods make him throw up and the vets suspect he has an ulcer, poor kitty. (He is a bit tense.)

After trying out a number of canned cat foods, we recently found a cat food that he enjoys and that he can keep down; it is called Nature’s Variety Instinct. It isn’t cheap, though, so I spent a lot of time scouring the Internet for the best possible price. My search wasn’t exhaustive, but it was pretty thorough. Sometimes the prices would be okay but the minor cost savings would be eaten up in shipping costs.

I finally found a place that has a decent price on this food and also offers free shipping if you sign up for their autoship program. If you follow this link to, you also can get free shipping. We are quite happy with their service and I think you will be too. My daughter’s cat is doing much better as well, much to our relief.

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2 thoughts on “Cat Food for Tender Tummies

  1. I just wanted to let you know that the info on clumping cat litter is STILL saving cat’s lives, most recently, mine. I have an 8 year old cat who has a sensitive tummy and urinary tract. She seems to be constantly throwing up her food, no matter what kind I get her. Recently (like the rest of the country) I’ve had financial troubles, and could not afford her regular GoodLife brand of food. I had gotten her Purina before, and she had done well on it. I saw that Friskies had a sale on the indoor formula (which she tolerates the best) and it included a free 7 lb. package of Tidy Cat cat litter. I needed cat litter too, but had never used the clumping stuff because it was too expensive, but since it was free… After about a week of using it, she started howling in pain when she was in the bathroom, and then the throwing up started. She is a cat who will poop or pee or throw up in bad places (sinks, bathtubs, etc.) when she wants me to know something is wrong. This time it was right in front of the toilet and in front of the front door. I knew the food wasn’t doing it, so I started hunting for “tidy cat vomiting diarrhea” and there was your article. I immediately tossed that stuff out and got plain clay litter. Then I put some coconut oil on her paws and left some wet food with added olive oil on the floor for her. Coconut oil is a good laxative, and she can’t stand having anything on her paws, so she will lick it off. I’m going to try to get a dropperful of the oil down her tonight. So far, she is still eating, and as for lethargy…she’s lazy anyway. Thank you for saving my cat! I don’t know what I would do without her.

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