The Tree of Lives is about reincarnation

The Tree of Life image has long been significant to me. Whenever I’ve seen it, I felt I was seeing a message I couldn’t interpret. Then one day I was reading Genesis in the Ferrar Fenton translation of the Bible. (The Ferrar Fenton translation is one of the most accurate versions available.)

“And out of the ground the EVER-LIVING GOD cause to grow all the trees that were beautiful and good for food, as well as the Tree of Lives in the center of the Garden; and the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

Normally this is translated as “the Tree of Life.” When I read “lives,” not “life,” in a flash of inspiration, I got a new vision of reincarnation.

Our existence as greater souls

We’re used to speaking of the past and the future, and of past lives and future lives. Thinking in terms of past and future is just a construct we use to understand time. All time is simultaneous.

As I’ve learned from Seth and Metatron and my other teachers, each of us is a unique facet of a greater soul that exists outside space and time. That doesn’t mean there is one vast amorphous soul that exists everywhere and at all times, it means that many greater souls exist outside space and time. Each of those greater souls wishes to experience life in time and space. (I’ll call this 3D life, for three-dimensional life.) To do so, a greater soul inserts facets of itself into the space-time continuum—not just once, but many many times.

We are each facets of a greater soul

What do I mean by “facets”? Just as each of us has different moods and ways of expressing ourselves, the greater soul that we are part of has different aspects—far greater and more varied, of course, than we are, but the principle is the same. As it is in Heaven, so it is below. Each of those facets is a unique expression of that greater soul and will never be duplicated. Each facet has a purpose; some facets share similar purposes, some are working on something almost completely different. And each of those facets is a person on this planet, somewhere and somewhen in time.

All those facets live, grow, and die within the matrix of time and space, and then return to the greater soul. Each decision each of those facets makes affects all other facets—sometimes strongly, sometimes not at all, depending on what each facet’s purpose is.

Each facet of a greater soul affects all other facets

How does this work in practical terms? When some other version of your self—let’s call that other self Dana—makes a decision in his/her own time, that decision reverberates through the fabric of space and time and affects all other selves. Because all time is simultaneous, there is no such thing as a past life (or a future one, for that matter). Therefore, Dana’s decisions affect you. Let’s say Dana is exploring and learning about the same kinds of things you are. In that case, Dana’s decisions affect you more strongly than they affect another facet of your greater soul that might be exploring other aspects of life.

When I do readings with people and access other lifetimes, the lifetimes I see most clearly are those in which a facet of that person’s greater soul is making a decision that is affecting the person I am doing the reading for. I give that other self enough information to make a different decision, and that change affects the person I am doing the reading with.

The Tree of Lives illustrates our existence in and outside of space and time





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