Seven surprising foods you can freeze

Have you ever had a quantity of some food that you couldn’t use right away? Maybe you had some egg whites from separating eggs for a recipe that only called for the yolks, or you bought butter on sale. Of course you know about freezing fruits, vegetables, meats, and leftover meals. But you don’t know you can freeze this food item, and you don’t want to waste food. So you stash it in the refrigerator thinking you’ll use it soon. Then you forget about it, and then it goes bad and you have to throw it out anyway.

The solution for many food items is to freeze them. Here’s a list of seven surprising things you can freeze:

  • bread
  • butter (I mean the real thing, though I’ve read that margarine also freezes well)
  • cheese, grated (whole chunks of cheese don’t freeze well)
  • eggs: whole, yolks, and whites (if freezing whole eggs, remove them from the shell and store in a small container)
  • heavy whipping cream
  • nuts (I always freeze nuts anyway; their high oil content makes them go rancid, so freezing helps them stay good longer)
  • ginger root, fresh

As with anything  you freeze, be sure to store these food items in freezer storage containers. For fluid items, allow room for expansion.

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