Mystery Message: Runaway Daughter

I got a spiritual tap on the shoulder, so to speak, to post this message. I am going on faith that it is an accurate message that will reach the person it is intended for. I would like to comment on it, but I am being given a very strong directive to not say anything and to just let the message stand as I received it. I am not even allowed to give the usual caveats. So here it is.

Children don’t run away from home for no reason. If you are thinking that you did not contribute in any way to your child running away, please do your best to examine yourself and your interactions with your daughter. We know it is difficult to shine light on areas that have been kept dark for so long, but if you wish to see your daughter again, you must stop feeling sorry for yourself and saying you did nothing wrong.

Though we are not saying you did anything wrong. What we are saying is that sometimes a woman can be caught up in her own image of herself and lose sight of how she is treating others around her. Your outside appearance—the image you presented to those outside the family—was very strongly different from the face you turned toward your daughter. We believe that you know this at your core and that you fear having to confront your own inner demons. You fear finding out the “devastating” truth about yourself, which is that you sometimes make mistakes and that you are not perfect.

But what can be more devastating than losing your beloved daughter, whom you truly love but didn’t act lovingly toward? Yet it is never too late to change.

Take heart and take heed. She can be in your life again if you truly wish it, and you can show that you truly wish it by focusing on becoming more aware of who you truly are—both your strengths and yes, your weaknesses. Comfort yourself in knowing that everyone is a mix of the strong and the weak, and that everyone is struggling with some issue or another, even if you don’t see it. So it means nothing bad about yourself if you admit what it is that you are most afraid of, and start working on that issue; in fact, it means everything good, in that the healing will have finally started for you and so, in a sense, for the rest of the world. Be at peace and take heart. Amen.

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