How To Save Money #9: Drop Your Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

I once read that all newspapers and magazines made their money from their advertisers. The money they make from subscribers is a pittance compared to the amount rolling in from people who want to sell something to you. Next time you pick up one of your magazines or newspapers, take a look at just how […]

How To Save Money #8: Borrow Books, Don’t Buy Them

Take a look around your home. How many books do you have that you read once, perhaps even enjoyed, but that you know you will never read again? Instead of buying books, use your local library or borrow books from friends. Calm down, I don’t mean all books. There are some books that you will refer to, use, or re-read […]

How To Save Money #3: Rent DVDs

Although it can be satisfying to have a large video collection, most people don’t ever watch a movie again after purchasing it. That constitutes a waste of money—sometimes, a lot of money. I have seen struggling young couples with children to care for who have trouble making ends meet, yet they own hundreds of DVDs. At $20 […]