Three Upcoming Channelings: Checking in with the Divine

I am happy to announce that I will be appearing at Crystal Chalice, a wonderful crystal shop in Fairfax, which is near Marin (north of San Francisco). Each channeling will be on or near the full moon in May, June, and July. My channelings on or near the full moon always have an extra element of strength and power, so I am happy to be doing these particular channelings. The overall theme is Checking in with the Divine. The channelings will be interrelated, although, as always, each one can be enjoyed individually.

If you have a chance, please come! And please tell anyone else you think might be interested in the channelings. The dates, times, and topics are as follows:

Friday, May 28, 7 pm: Metatron on Abundance and Trust

Known as the Voice of God, Metatron brings God’s will into our existence. He is in charge of the entire angelic hierarchy and all physical multiverses. With his wide perspective, he can be asked to help with anything that is present or that we wish to have present in our lives.

In this evening’s channeling, Metatron will speak on abundance (an ever-popular topic) and its relation to trust. During the channeling, he will present a unique guided visualization on opening your inner portals to a greater reality that includes more trust and more love for yourself and others. As always, the information brought through will be both of high spiritual value and also practical and applicable in everyday life.

Friday, June 25, 7 pm: God’s Connection with Us

So many of us were raised with the concept of God as the “hairy thunderer,” someone who sits in judgment somewhere high in the sky, unreachable and unattainable. Or we were taught there is no possible personal connection with God, since God is just a concept or some formless mind with no emotions. As channeled by Marina, God is a very real, very personable being with whom we can connect personally and directly.

In this evening’s channeling, God in his masculine form wants to speak with us about his relationship with us and his desire for conscious connection with us. He will speak of fear and fear’s origin, and of changes that are in the works, spiritually speaking, for this planet and every being on it. As always, the information brought through will be both of high spiritual value and also practical and applicable in everyday life.

Friday, July 23, 7 pm: Jesus and Sophia on Human Nature

Some people think that people are not basically good, but this is far from true. Jesus and Sophia speak on trust and on our natures as beings made of Love.

As channeled by Marina, Jesus is warm, real. and filled with love, empathy, and compassion. Sophia, a being of wisdom and love in her own right, also has a great deal of knowledge to share. Together, Jesus and Sophia create a very light-filled presence. As always, the information brought through will be both of high spiritual value and also practical and applicable in everyday life.

Question and Answer Periods

At the end of each channeling (approximately one hour), the floor will be opened to questions. These questions will be answered as appropriate by Metatron, God, Jesus, Sophia, Marina , or possibly other high entities, spirits, or spirit guides.

Location and Cost

All three channelings will be held at Crystal Chalice (the Gratitude Power Store), 1930 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Fairfax, California. This store is on the northern side of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in the center section of town.

Please call the shop to let them know you are coming: (415) 785-7119

Cost per evening: $20 or donation

About Marina

I am a conscious polychannel—that is, I can channel just about any entity there is, though I choose to channel beings only of the very highest intentions and love. I view channeling as a cooperative translation process between myself and the entities I channel. The physical space within which I channel is always safe and protected on all levels. In addition, I am a natural healer; just being in my presence can bring about healing on a deep spiritual level. My channeling carries encoded information and energies that can be spiritually healing as well.

For more channeling, see the page containing the information on last year’s channeling series (which was a pretty immense undertaking!). This year, I have been working on a secret project (soon to be revealed here!).

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