New Class! Developing Your Psychic Abilities

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I am now offering a course in Developing Your Psychic Abilities. We are all born with psychic abilities, but we are taught to varying degrees to ignore the information we receive through them. This course gently reacquaints you with your innate abilities and teaches you ways in which to use them productively and with compassion and respect. The course is held entirely by email and on the Internet, making it much easier for you to fit it into your busy schedule.

In addition, because of its flexible design, you can start it at any time. You don’t have to wait until a certain date, but can instead start it right now. As soon as I receive your payment, I email you the first lesson. After that, the speed in which you complete each lesson is up to you.

What’s In It?

The course covers a lot of ground! It starts with several lessons on ethics, which have proven to be very popular with the people taking the course  so far. (I’ve even been asked to write an entire separate course that goes into the topic in more depth.)

It then proceeds to look at spirituality and religion and how they affect our psychic abilities, then review of the different types of psychic abilities there are and the kinds of tools psychics use, and then concludes with several lessons on getting in touch with and using your psychic abilities.

This course has many bonuses, including a free mini-reading for each lesson, plus access to several of the digital albums from the Wellspring channeling series. The mini-readings themselves are worth more than the price of the course!

Interested? You can find out more on this page, which describes the course more thoroughly.

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4 thoughts on “New Class! Developing Your Psychic Abilities

    • I believe that everyone is psychic, but that most of us learned to ignore any information received through our psychic abilities.

      But that isn’t the issue when it comes to what you are talking about. Instead, it has to do with how people commonly believe that if someone is psychic, they must also be ethical, evolved, etc., and that just ain’t so. There are a number of psychics who are genuine but just want your money; there are a number of bogus psychics who also just want your money. There are a lot of genuine psychics who truly want to help, and who also want to keep eating, so they charge for their services.

      I have an article about how to choose a psychic that gives some good information on how to lessen your chance of getting taken advantage of by any kind of psychic. You can find it right here:

      Of course, if what you are trying to say is that *I* am a bogus psychic that just wants someone’s money, well, you’re barking up the wrong tree. 🙂

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