My Book on Forgiveness is in Print!

The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself) is finally in print and available on

When I wrote this book, I made sure that everything I wrote came from a place of peace and compassion. I felt this was essential because this is, after all, a book about forgiveness.

My first readers reported that they felt like they were in a safe, comfortable place talking with me about forgiveness: what it is, why we should forgive, and how lack of forgiveness affects our health. Most importantly, they learned how to forgive. One commented that she felt this was a fantastic book that everyone needed to read. Another said that she hadn’t read another book in a year, but she read this one and was glad she did.

The book includes two methods for forgiving (one is simple, the other is even simpler). You’ll also read about the nine principles of the forgiving lifestyle. These principles are ways of thinking and responding to situations so that you are able to forgive in the moment.

Special chapters include

  • why it is important to be willing to forgive
  • how it is okay to ask for and accept help from others
  • forgiving our parents and other family members (often very hard)
  • forgiving ourselves (perhaps the hardest of all!)
  • asking for forgiveness

Please take a look, buy it if you would like to read it, and spread the word! The holidays are coming up; what better gift to give yourself and others than the gift of forgiveness?

Cover image for my book on forgiveness

The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself)

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