Humans and Human Nature

Some agendas making the rounds

Here are some agendas being pushed in the media, movies, fiction. Whether you choose to go along with them or not is your right; I just encourage you to do it consciously and not be stampeded. Aliens are wonderful, advanced beings who are here to help us. Cyborgs/artificial intelligence is sexy and better than humans in […]

My Book on Forgiveness is in Print!

The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself) is finally in print and available on When I wrote this book, I made sure that everything I wrote came from a place of peace and compassion. I felt this was essential because this is, after all, a book about forgiveness. My first readers reported that […]

Quick Access to Timeless Wisdom

When listening to my channelings of Metatron, Jesus, God, and other high spiritual beings, you receive a three-fold benefit: You hear timeless wisdom on your identity as a spiritual being. You learn how to apply high spiritual knowledge to your everyday life to make it better and more filled with love. You receive healing energy […]

Silence and Friendship

Everyone has a set of guidelines, conscious or not, about friendship—what friendship is, what kinds of behavior are acceptable, what kinds of traits a good friend has. Those guidelines usually allow for imperfections as well—after all, none of us is 100% compatible, and we all make mistakes. Along those lines, I once told a tarot card reader […]


The other night, my partner and I were accosted in a parking lot by a young woman who gave a good song and dance about how she and her female cousin were out of gas and needed to get back to Vacaville (a two-hour drive away). Could we spare anything? Anything at all would help. She gave just enough details to make […]

Finding Meaning Part 3

You can find meaning everywhere by knowing yourself and noticing the little things that are easy to dismiss, pass off as coincidence. By “knowing yourself,” I mean understanding what is significant to you. Are there certain numbers that mean something to you? Symbols? Images? Sounds, names, tastes, colors? Events? For example, let’s say a particular […]