My Book on Forgiveness is in Print!

The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself) is finally in print and available on When I wrote this book, I made sure that everything I wrote came from a place of peace and compassion. I felt this was essential because this is, after all, a book about forgiveness. My first readers reported that […]

The Forgiveness Project

Over the years, I have developed a set of simple techniques for forgiving people, events, or situations. What is more, I’ve developed an approach to life that means you don’t find yourself needing to forgive people. My approach to life just went through an acid test, and came out with flying colors. Last August, I started […]

How To Save Money #8: Borrow Books, Don’t Buy Them

Take a look around your home. How many books do you have that you read once, perhaps even enjoyed, but that you know you will never read again? Instead of buying books, use your local library or borrow books from friends. Calm down, I don’t mean all books. There are some books that you will refer to, use, or re-read […]

What Modern Poetry Is–And Isn't

I love poetry as much as anybody. More than some, I am sure, though of course certainly less than others. I’ve studied it, written it, even been praised by a respected poet as having “it.” So I think I have some credibility in saying that much of what passes for modern poetry is not poetry. […]

The Lord of the Rings versus Dungeons and Dragons

There are a lot of fans of fantasy who have come to the genre so recently that they don’t know its history. In not knowing the history, they end up making unwarranted, disparaging comments about classics in the field. Let me give you a few examples. When the Lord of the Rings movies came out, […]