Seth on Healing Energies

A new way to look at love and healing

Seth on Healing Energies

Seth came through very strongly in a private reading, giving what he called “a short treatise on energy.” It was a very powerful channeling, and that portion of the reading was not specific to the person I was doing the reading for. (One might even think that Seth planned it that way.) The person I was doing the reading for said that if this information was of value to others, I had permission to share it, so here it is.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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Seth’s “Short Treatise on Energy”

We’ll give you a short treatise on energy and its uses in the physical universe. Now, from your perspective, energy is not something that you see but instead something that you feel. Though there are those of the human race—the human population—who have the ability to see energy as it flows, as it ebbs, as it moves about, and to even associate colors, if you will, such as with people’s auras. There is a root existence of energy that is “energy as energy” and that is basically the source of all life. It is the source of every physical thing—everything. It is the source of rocks, it is the source of trees, it is the source of dirt, water, it is the source of animals and humans in their physical expression That energy is constantly flowing transforming dissolving from one form to another as life seeks its constant creative expression in the universe as you know it.

What Healing Energy Is

Now you are asking because you are seeking information about healing energies in particular, and what we would say is that that kind of energy, if you wish to call it that, call it ‘healing energy,’ is an energy that is life enhancing.

In a sense there is also an energy that is destructive that may or may not be viewed as negative from your point of view depending on where you stand. The kind of energy that pulls something apart simply because it needs to be pulled apart so as to make way for something new is destructive but would not be considered negative. The energy that slowly melts the mountain is destructive, but not negative.

There is another kind of energy that does harm, that causes pain, that is the kind of energy that you would say healing energy is a counterbalance to. That energy comes from ultimately from fear. Fear is a pulling away from life. Fear is a lack of trust in All That Is, and fear then often motivates, though not always—there are those who fear and yet who do the right thing, we will hasten to add—but those few who fear and do not do the right thing are motivated by fear to attack, you see. To do harm. To perform destructive acts that are not, from within the physical reality perspective, life-enhancing.

That which pulls down the mountain is ultimately life-enhancing. Those who seek to injure are not enhancing life. And a person may injure themselves as well as others. Often when a person is ill, when a person is experiencing disease, they are judging themselves and attacking themselves with their own energy because they have some fear at the root of it. They have made a decision, you see, that they are not worthy of something.

Healing energy then seeks to move into those areas that are being attacked, seeks out, if you will, the root cause of the disease, and heals it, not by putting something over it, not by scarring over, if you will, but by literally undoing the root cause. It goes to that root cause, examines it—with the entity’s willing cooperation, we will add—and as that root cause is examined, a new decision is made that unties the knots of fear and anxiety, and undoes the knot of the physical ailment, if there is one, or the spiritual or emotional ailment as well, so that all flows smoothly, and there is no sign of the previous ailment because it has been undone at the root, you see.

How To Use Healing Energy

Healing energy knows no time or space. It can move forward, it can move backward, it can move sideways in time. It can move through dimensions. It can move through energy levels. It can move through emotions and spirit. It can move through levels of emotion and spirit, and levels of physicality from the very tiniest physical particle to the very largest—which would be a universe.

The healing energy then is in itself, you could say, though it is not an exact analogy, a kind of very refined tool that has the ability to focus very sharply or have a very broad application as required. Because healing energies are life-enhancing, they have no down side. They will not do harm. When you access healing energies, the first method of accessing is to have the intention to so access them. That is the primary tool and perhaps one would say the most essential. All others are secondary.

When you access that healing energy, and as you know, you can access it for yourself or for others, there must always be a component of permission acceptance to receive it; on your part for you to use however you use it, and on the part of those who receive it. So if you are healing yourself, you must both have the intention to access the healing energy, and also give yourself permission–or give it permission–to act upon your energy field.

Likewise if you are performing healing for others, then you have the intention to access it and they must give their permission to receive it; otherwise, nothing will happen because, by its very nature, healing energy cannot force. We know you know all of this.

How Healing Energy Works

Healing energy will then therefore go where it is welcome and where it is needed. And it doesn’t take a huge welcome. A small bit of willingness to receive healing energy can go a long way toward receiving a great deal. It just will trickle through at the rate that the person who is receiving this energy finds acceptable. There are those who can heal quickly because they can accept a great deal of the healing energy; there are those who will heal more slowly because they can only accept a small amount. Remember that the energy is going to the root cause and undoing the knots of the initial difficulty. For some, they are willing to undo the knots quickly. For others, because perhaps there are so many interconnections among all the knots (again we are using analogy here, but it is very apt), they must undo just a few at a time.

So the energy is, in a way, a form of information. It carries with it the information that is needed by the entity who is receiving it. So, for example, for a human being receiving healing energy for a particular spiritual or physical ailment that perhaps started with an emotional trauma, the information that will come through will be specific for them and it will tell them, bring to them, additional information that they may not be consciously aware of in this lifetime that will allow them to view the trauma, if you will, with someone warm and safe holding their hand so that they can release the trauma and make a different decision about it, which then undoes the trauma; it literally undoes it.

For other species and for other components of the physical universe, the information will differ, and for other circumstances for a human the information will differ.

Healing Energy Is Love

But at the root, if you will bear with us, and without any wish to sound sappy, we will say that healing energy is love energy at the level that we as entities understand love.

Love is what enhances all life, love is what all life is about, love brings with it only loving intentions and carries away with it only loving responses.

And so you could say, if you are willing to even in your own heart, though it may sound very New Agey, you could say that love and healing energy and information—we mean true information—are all part and parcel. They are all just different ways of looking at or dealing with or labeling a kind of energy that underlies every living thing in this universe. So ultimately we would say that there truly is, as we started out saying, one energy that supports and enhances and nourishes all.

When you have healing intentions, what you truly are doing is that you are saying that your intention is to help this entity, this being, this whatever it is that you are wishing to help, to achieve it highest and most loving alignment with its highest purpose, so that it expresses the most loving possibilities of itself.

We Are All Unique and Precious

That is all we will say for now about energy. There is indeed the possibility to write volumes (plural) on the subject, because life is infinitely varied, and therefore there are, in a sense, an infinite variety of energies that you could say rise out of this universal love energy and express themselves in an infinite number of different ways. Each person in a sense is their own expression of energy, unique, never to be duplicated, never to be seen again that walks about on the earth. Even your pets, your cats, your dogs, your fish, your houses, your trees all are unique and never-to-be-repeated expressions, individual takes on, if you will, an expression of this underlying love energy.

Some might call this God, but it would be a misnomer in the sense that it would denigrate the individuality—the cherished individuality–of each person, each individual thing. We are not just expressions of God, if you will, though there is a God, and the God does express itself—the God and Goddess, if you will—through All, but we are in a sense, a very real sense, distinct and separate in the sense of our own identity that we will always keep and will always cherish with us.

Your Role as a Healer

What your role as a healer is, is to, you might say, with one hand reach into the universal love energy, and with the other reach into the individual’s energy, and connect them. It is your job as a healer to understand and tune into, as much as possible, the individual energy of the person you are working with, connect them with the healing love energy in such a way that their individuality is enhanced and nurtured and made more able to express its own uniqueness. You are not seeking to make everyone the same, or to make everyone like the love energy; instead you are seeking to bring that love energy into them so that they can use it however they like. They can customize it, if you will; they can make it their own and have it express their own unique talents, abilities, and selfness, selfhood.

It would not be loving for loving energy to try to wipe out individuality, you see, so instead, loving energy’s essence is to be loving, and therefore its essence is to support and nurture individuality as it is. So you, as a healer, become more attuned to each person’s individually and more able to help them to help themselves to heal and to express themselves more fully in a more whole way.

We see it clearly, but we do know that part of any individual expression is for that expression to find its own way and to make for itself what is true and what is not true. So we give you this information but it won’t do you any good if it is not for you or if you don’t have it also arise for your own knowing from within your heart, you see. And that will either come or not come according to your own desires. But when it does come, it will be your information, even though we have connected you, if you will, to this information. When it becomes yours, it becomes yours. It will well out from your being and will have the textures and flavors of your being, so that you may not even at first recognize that it is the same thing, in a sense, until much later, when you get the “ah ha,” and you say, “That’s right, five years ago, Marina’s source, Seth, told me that this is what it was like, and I realize, that’s what I’ve been doing, but in my own way.” But we do not wish you to think that it is identical in that sense. It is your own. You will make it your own and it will be your own. It is important for us to tell you that.

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