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Dealing With Difficult Situations

The following is an extract from a private channeling I did around 1995. The topic of the channeling was that of what difficult situations are about. Are we victims of others? Or did we do it to ourselves? Essentially, the answer is that we did it to ourselves for positive healing purposes. The healing comes through conciously "getting" the information we need, not only mentally, but also in our hearts. Then, when we have "gotten it," we get a final chance to show ourselves that we did get it and that we have healed that portion of ourselves that needed healing.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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Dealing With Difficult Situations

You did it yourself. ... All of these things may sound complex, but there are layers and layers of complexity beyond what we are touching upon. ... Another layer of this process is that you are reuniting with old friends (if you will, spirit friends), and you are ... giving yourself a kind of a final exam, if you will, because you have had doubts and fears about yourself. And so you have placed yourself in these situations in which these beings had this power over you because you gave them your power. Does this make sense?

And so you put yourself one more time in that situation to see if you truly have gotten it; that you have truly learned the discernment and learned the boundary drawing, the separation, the pulling in of your energy away from where it had been for too long, and the pushing out of energies that are no longer yours. You put yourself in the way of harm, if you will, to assure yourself that harm cannot be done. And so you see, all three of you see, hopefully—are seeing, have seen—that these entities flail away with their cat o' nine tails and so on. They try to do harm to you and you land on your feet. They try to make things worse for you and you end up better off than you were before. Really frustrating for them. [Laughter] It is in a sense its own punishment. [Laughter] But also it is a freeing and joyful experience for you because it speaks to your body at a very deep level. Your body had feared much that had happened in past lives (in the sense that past can happen) and in past situations where it took into it this other energy, you see, and gave up some of its own.

For the body is part of you—the body that is the body you take with you, which is not the layer you perceive, but another vehicle that you are using that is yours forever. Your physical senses perceive it a certain way. We see it completely differently.

Your body has taken into itself these energies of others that do not belong and has given up (or felt like it was giving up) energies that did belong but it felt it had to give up. And when you have reclaimed it [that energy], then you go into a situation where you had in previous times lost that energy of yourself—very similar situations. ... And you see that you are safe; you see that you are not harmed. Your body sees that it is safe and that it is not harmed, and in fact that it feels more whole and stronger than it ever has. And that is because in one sense you have already reclaimed that part that belonged to you. In another sense you are claiming it at that moment. It is a difficult thing to express, but it is both a prior and a contingent experience.

So you give yourself kind of a final exam. Not exactly a final exam, because it implies that there's a test that you pass or don't pass. Instead, it is more a final experience that you freely choose to experience to show yourself that things are different; that things have changed and that things are better now. Does that make sense? ...

[In a specific situation, was it true for a listener] that, underneath all the distress, and fear, and anger, and frustration, there was a piece of you that felt at peace about the whole situation; that did not feel that there is any to danger?

[Answer: Yes.]

That was the wholeness of your Self speaking to yourself, saying "It is okay." You can learn to listen to that Self more, and [learn] to know that, whatever the situation, it is all okay. That was your self—fuller self—knowing that this was a temporary situation. ...

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