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How to be Wrong and Still be Right

Key Ideas

Jesus speaks on the topic of being wrong (for instance, by having harmed someone) and tells how we can make things right. He gives a practical step-by-step example, and concludes with some guidelines on how to think and feel in order to help yourself and the world make it through some very tough times.

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I was surprised to have Jesus come through on this topic. He was remarkably clear and concise in explaining the issue and what to do about it. For example, if you have spoken hastily and suddenly realize that you have offended someone or hurt someone, what does that mean? What does it mean that you are aware of it? And what can you do about it?

After going into some detail on these concepts, Jesus then gave a practical, step-by-step example illustrating how you could apply what he was explaining to an everyday situation.

Jesus concluded the evening with a discussion of what is going on in the world from a spiritual perspective. This is related to what was covered in the Turmoil and Plenty channeling, except in that session, the information was directly applicable to a person's personal life. In Jesus' discussion, he addressed the same issue at a global level. He gave some guidelines on how to think and feel in order to help yourself and the world make it through some very tough times.

Track Listing

  1. Statement of Time and Place
  2. Turning Wrong Into Right (very long track)
  3. Improving the World Situation
  4. Farewell and Good Evening


"I found the channeling to be very beautiful, loving, caring and compassionate. It was a wonderful resource to assist the human in forgiving oneself for "errors," speaking too harshly, speaking out of order, or acting out of duress or stress. I believe most humans of general goodwill occasionally slip and make these types of errors. I certainly have and it was very refreshingly put that these can be opportunities to learn from our errors." —Nancy P.

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