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A channeling on Atlantis: the image of a brilliant sunset

Key Ideas

The people of Atlantis had their own issues to deal with, and yet many of those issues have echoed throughout everyone's lives from then down to the present day. Also touches on our concepts of God/Goddess as related to the parents we have chosen. Very powerful, potentially life-changing information.

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Seth spoke this evening on Atlantis.

He started by speaking of how Atlantis is just one of a number of ancient civilizations, each of which had its own cycle in which it dealt with its purposes and challenges.

These cycles of existence are cyclical in another way as well, in that the challenges that have arisen and have been dealt with long ago will come up again in new ways in different times, with cycles within cycles within cycles existing in the universe in a rather fractal sort of way. (Additional and complementary information on these cycles is provided in the channeling on Mu and Lemuria.)

Then he continued to speak more specifically of the issues that the peoples of Atlantis were dealing with, most specifically human worthiness, with some fascinating insights regarding Atlantean knowledge and society, and especially their educational system.

He then draws parallels between Atlantean society and the issues then, and our society and our issues today, both personal and group-oriented.

This was a profoundly interesting channeling, with some suggestions for spiritual comfort and self-healing.

Track Listing

  1. Atlantis Historically
  2. Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Cycles
  3. Why Atlantis Ended
  4. The Aftermath
  5. Human Worthiness
  6. Freedom Within Society's Limits
  7. The Lessons Learned

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