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Album cover art for Spirit Possession, a channeling of Jesus, by Marina Michaels

Key Ideas

As with the previous topic on Dimensional Realms, most of us have heard of spirit possession, either as a serious topic or as the subject of fiction.

Jesus, a master of compassion, speaks on this topic, explaining what the phenomena is, how it comes about, and why we have more lost souls in the past 100 or so years.

His approach encourages us not to fear spirit possession, but to instead understand how and why it happens from a compassionate point of view, so that we are better able to help those who are possessed or are possessing others.

He also explains how the topic of spirit possession ties into a coming change in the very structure of our world, and how our world can be viewed positively despite what we think is “wrong” with it.

Even if you don't think this topic is relevant to you, Jesus presents a number of ideas that can help you feel better about yourself and the world.

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People who have died but who don't know where to go can linger on earth. They remain because either they are afraid to move on, or they don't realize there is another place to move on.

They might be looking for another body, thinking that that is their only way “out”; in those cases, people who come close to them can be at risk of possession. More than that, both the possessing soul and the person who is possessed are held back, spiritually speaking. Spirit possession could even be one of the spiritual causes of addictions, such as drugs or alcohol.

Jesus describes why a spirit might want to possess a body, and tells how it is that the possession itself can happen. He describes the signs of spiritual possession and tells us how to recognize it in someone. Furthermore, once we recognize that there is the possibility that someone is possessed, he provides information on how to speak compassionately with the possessing spirit (and to the person being possessed).

But what if the entity doing the possessing isn't a human spirit? Jesus addresses that topic as well, providing some unique and original ideas about demons and what their path is (including in the question and answer period).

He provides additional information on how living people can affect and use others emotionally. This isn't possession, but has some of the same results, so it is important to know how to recognize and deal with this phenomena as well.

Jesus goes on to explain ways in which this planet is unique and wonderful, and says, “For this planet is a planet essentially of love and of light and of good. Despite appearances, despite what you might think you see, it is on, if you will, a collision course with an even greater good. It is on its way to better things. But just as when you start to clean house, your house becomes more chaotic...; just as it seems that suddenly it is worse than it ever was, it is still on its way to a greater organization, toward discarding those things it no longer needs, toward passing on those things that are still good and useful but don't need to stay with it anymore. The vast majority of beings on this planet, both human and otherwise, vibrate, resonate with, love, with goodness, with a certain faith and trust in themselves and the world despite it all, and that vibration, that resonance, is the native feeling of this planet. This planet is not doomed, it is not destined for darkness, if you will.”

In conclusion, he speaks of your own value, and provides some guidelines for viewing yourself about which, he says, “I propose that you will be amazed at how much that changes your internal sense about yourself for the good; how much it will help you achieve a greater sense of wholeness, and a greater sense of peace about yourself, just as you are.”

Track Listing

  1. Beliefs as a World Structure
  2. How Lost Souls Come About
  3. How Spirit Possession Comes About
  4. Signs of Spirit Possession
  5. Recognizing Spirit Possession
  6. How to Speak to Lost Souls
  7. Dealing with Non-Human Spirits
  8. The Glory of This Planet
  9. You Are Valuable
  10. Q&A: Demons


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