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Eating Enlightenment: a photo of a bowl full of cherriesKey Ideas

A discussion of our food and how the way in which it is grown and prepared affects it at an energetic level. Leads into a discussion of how to rehabilitate and expand your inner senses.

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As with the previous channeling on Turmoil and Plenty, this evening swung rapidly into a fascinating channeling by the Council on the topic of the food we eat.

During this evening, the Council explained how our food is affected by everything from the ground in which it is grown to the people who grow, prepare, handle, and sell that food. They speak of our various physical and less physical bodies, and of the affect of life forces on our bodies.

Very cleverly, after giving instructions on how to rehabilitate your inner senses so you can more consciously feel the energies of your food, the Council uses this information as a platform from which to speak about our inner senses in general, how they relate to our outer senses, how they are important today, and how to rehabilitate and use them all. In short, this session includes information on how to develop your own psychic abilities.

Track Listing

  1. Food and Our Subtle Bodies
  2. A Child's View of Food
  3. Exercises and Suggestions
  4. Concluding Remarks


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