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Album art for Spices: a large jar of turmeric surrounded by smaller spice jarsKey Ideas

Spices contain their own kinds of healing energies that address specific human needs. We can learn to tune into these energies ourselves; however, this channeling provides an overview of some of the most important spices and cuisines of the world that can help us as we work on specific kinds of issues.

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At the start of this evening, before channeling Metatron, I give a very brief summary of some of the highlights of the previous channeling on food.

Metatron then introduces himself. He goes on to say that the audio recordings of these channelings contain energies that you take in when you listen to them. These energies expand your self/selves and your self's experience of reality.

He lists four channelings that are related, and hints at future channelings that will lead to “perhaps unexpected heights.”

For the rest of the evening, Metatron covers a lot of territory and provides a ton of information on foods, herbs, spices, and countries.

He begins by defining what he means by “spice,” and says that each spice has its own unique “job”—a thing it can do for you energetically. Because of this job, some are more compatible with other spices, and some are more compatible with particular individual people at some point in their lives.

He then specifically addresses the spiritual component of the spices and cuisines of specific countries and regions: India (turmeric and cumin especially), Africa, the Middle East, Italy and Greece, the Americas (including, yes, chocolate), and Asia.

In his closing remarks, Metatron makes some suggestions of what to do with the information in this channeling.

Track Listing

  1. Eating Enlightenment Revisited
  2. About the Channeling Energies
  3. Inter-related Topics (some channelings that are inter-related)
  4. What Spices Are
  5. Spices and Energy
  6. Multi-Talented Spices
  7. International Cuisines and You
  8. Turmeric and Cumin
  9. Africa and the Middle East
  10. Italian Seasonings
  11. The Americas
  12. Chocolate
  13. Asian Areas
  14. Closing Remarks

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