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This essay supplements and complements the channeled information I received on the topic of World War II, which you can find here:

by Marina Michaels

Hitler's genocidal war in World War II was ultimately a suicidal one. He hated himself and desired more than anything else to murder himself. Since he had so deeply buried and denied these feelings, however, he projected everything outward into the world and attacked all those who met his criteria for being inferior.

Most people know that over six million Jews were slaughtered in World War II. Most people think that only six million people were killed in Hitler's death camps.

In fact, the conservative estimates are that 20 to 22 million people were killed in the death camps, and early estimates were that 30 million people or even more were murdered.

Who were the others who were murdered? The Roma people (sometimes called Gypsies due to an old misconception that they originated in Egypt) were nearly completely wiped out.

Others included Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans, dark-skinned peoples of various races, gays, and just about anyone who fit within Hitler's definition of an “inferior” race. (Like many racists, Hitler seemed to have indiscriminately confused race with culture and religion. Not that it matters, except to illustrate his insanity.)

The ironic fact is that Hitler himself did not meet the standards of his über race, the Aryans, who were tall, blond, fair-skinned and blue-eyed; he was short and dark-haired. Possibly the worst thing, from his point of view, was that his family was fairly certain that his father was the illegitimate offspring of a married Jewish man.

In retrospect, it seems blindingly obvious how much he must have hated himself to have so massively and insanely created such a huge death machine through which to enact the tortures to which he wished to put himself. The death camps, and his criteria for those he wished to send to them, were such a clear image that it is surprising that no one seems to have ever noticed what his true agenda was.

So why was he so successful?

The answer in part is that he was part of a larger agenda: The desire on the part of Evil to totally and completely destroy the feminine principle in the world (our Mother, the mother of everything, the feminine aspect of God). If he had succeeded, none of us would be here today.

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