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Note that everything after the Introduction heading is channeled material, with the exception of material within [brackets], which constitutes editorial comments or the headings I've added for additional organization.


This is a channeling session from August 7, 1994. It addresses the following topics:

  1. A discussion of the atrocities committed in World War II and their relationship to the nature of evil and of gender differences.
  2. The nature of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet.
  3. Predictions about the future, including a discussion of ideas that can or will be instrumental, such as AIDs, merging or blending with people (which includes, though not exclusively, sex), children, and other topics.

Related Topics

This essay supplements and complements the channeled information I received on the topic of World War II, which you can find here:


by Marina Michaels

“You take my life when you take the means whereby I live.”
Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


You have asked for a reading on one topic, and we have chosen to give you a reading on another. You do not remember that you asked for the reading, but you did, and you have been, for many years. You might even say it has been a central question for many eons of your existence, and you might say it centers around the very nature of evil itself. You have struggled, along with your entire generation of beings (by which we mean a group of souls who are in the same “class,” learning the same lessons; it is a class that began many long years ago in your terms) to understand this issue, for it has great pertinence. It pertains to your existence. It pertains to your experiences. It pertains to your beliefs in guilt and betrayal and sin, and in innocence and trust and what we will call right behavior. All of you are convinced that you are guilty for one reason or another, and all of you sense at some deep level that this is, fundamentally, a lie about yourself that you yet persist in telling because you seem to have evidence for its truth. We would argue that the evidence is circumstantial at best, and that any seeming truth to it arises out of a fundamental misunderstanding about your very nature, and the nature of the universe, if you will, that, once cleared up, will help you see, with relief and gladness, that you are innocent.

[World War II and the Mother]

The [WWII] atrocities were a deep violation or perversion of the creative impulse. They arose out of a male urge to completely usurp the woman's role. The black cauldron results, out of which undead soldiers arise. Men cannot take over that role; it is for women only. This is not to say they cannot be creative, but it is to say that they must accept that, when incarnating as a man, they cannot give birth. Ultimately, living lifetimes of both modalities, we experience the truth that being a male is an expression of our belief in separateness, and then we can integrate and become fully female. Becoming fully female, in this sense, means becoming that which we were intended to be all along: A fully strong-willed and powerful being, capable of acting and creating. A being that has the best of maleness and the best of femaleness, and also, not contradictorily, the worst of each from the human perspective.

[Inequalities between the sexes]

The early Mother religions had it more right than we suspect today. Today, we try to say that men and women are equal, and that there are differences between the sexes, but no inequalities. Now I say that there are inequalities, not out of any sense that one sex is superior to or better than the other, but because we as a race and as a family of spirits have chosen to set it up this way. We created a separation in ourselves and mirrored that separation in our physical bodies. The very structure of those bodies tells the story: Men are about being exterior and separate, and you will find on examining the male body that it repeats a pattern of exclusion and separation over and over again. Even the generative powers of the male body are kept outside the main body, in a recognition that those powers do not belong to the man, and in symbolic expression of the truth that men do not by nature create, they destroy. The mind of the male, as well, is constructed out of a belief in separation and domination, where one sphere dominates the other.

The female body, on the other hand, demonstrates cooperation and community. Everything that is needed is within her. Her brain is organized so that all parts work together to gather and create a whole and complete picture. There is no hemispheric domination; instead, each half of the female brain works with the other half.

When a woman starts to show masculine characteristics in her body, it is a sign that she has opted for the male separate view. There is no harm to this in the long run, but it is injurious in the short run. [Such a woman often has absorbed energy from the men around her. She needs] to learn how not to take that energy into [herself], while at the same time helping those men to see their true path to healing.

That true path involves learning to honor the feminine nature that is within themselves as well as within every being they meet. It means learning to cooperate and trust, rather than compete and be suspicious.

[Personal material ommitted here.]

Do not confuse male and female bodies with the truth of what is inside. A male body can contain a whole spirit just as readily as a female body. It is the body that reflects the dichotomy, a dichotomy agreed to by the entire human race. It is more likely that you will find an incomplete spirit within a male body, but incomplete spirits exist within female bodies as well, especially those spirits who have chosen incarnation after incarnation as men in order to learn what it is that men lack, and why it is important to not lack that thing.

[At this point my resistance to the idea that men are somehow not complete rose up enough that I asked for a better interpretation, and asked that any garbage on the line that I might be introducing be cleared out.]

Rather than speaking of the feminine here, it might be better to refer to it as the complete nature, and to what is called the masculine as the incomplete nature. Then you take away any unfortunate confusions with gender. For indeed the masculine nature has some positive traits associated with it, traits that the race would not survive without. But the destructive impulse is strongest in the masculine nature. It is rooted, ultimately, in fear and anger at God herself, so look well to the mothers of those men who are destructive, for they see an individual expression of God in their mothers, and they wish to destroy the mother just as they wish to destroy what they see as an unjust God. That God is in fact a being they transgressed against many thousands of years ago; they see her as unjust only because they offended against her, and they fear her retribution.

[Original cause]

[For a brief definition and discussion of original cause, refer to the channeling of a Nazi general.]

The male nature, or the incomplete nature, is a being in itself, and everyone who chooses to incarnate as a male is choosing to become, just as they choose to become a male body, part of the male dominating spirit. So, while incarnated as a man, each man remembers his violation of the basically feminine spirit that rules this planet. They are remembering their rebellion against God, who is a woman from their perspective, and each one of them must remember who they really are and come to terms with their rebellion. Ultimately, coming to terms with that rebellion means coming back Home to God, who will accept them with the open and loving arms that she has always held ready for them. God did not cast men out of the garden of Eden, and in a very real sense not only did she not cast women out, but women never left it. Men decided to leave the garden because they had violated God, and they could no longer be near her. The entire history of civilization from that point has been a long justification of that initial action. Much of the justification has been in the form of acting against women, re-creating the initial offense against God with every woman a man meets.

The only way for this to stop is for men (and by implication, most of humanity, since almost all of us have been men in one life or another, though there are some exceptions) to stop raping their mother. That is the offense they think they have created. By continuing to rape their mother, they continue to say their initial offense was okay. IT IS NOT, and they know it. It is only their stubborn pride and fear that keep them from accepting that the grand experiment is over. Separateness as a way of life is not working for the greatest good and wholeness of all beings; instead, it is destroying the very planet.

What is the nature of this offense against God? It is the belief that we are or can be separate from her; that we are in some way superior to her and can decide that we are not her seed, born of her body. With such a belief, we are then free to think that we can decide our own fate without regard for others. Yes, we are free, but we cannot expect to make decisions based in only-ness to not have an affect on all other life. Although there is indeed no true harm, for our mother has willed it so, there can indeed be an appearance of harm, and that is what humanity has experienced ever since that initial decision, which created a holocaust in itself, a holocaust of which the WWII experience was but a faint and dim echo. It [WWII] was also a signal that the separation is coming to an end; as it began, so it ends, though in reverse.

[Predictions of what the future might be like]

Now you are asking whether there are any other ideas [new ideas in the future] that will be significant other than this one, and we tell you, sneaky as we were in introducing this one, that this is perhaps the most powerful idea we can introduce. There indeed will be many other significant ideas and changes, but all of them hinge on men, and by extension, all of humanity, coming back home in mind and spirit. As they will. As they have already. There is simply an apparent lag in physical appearances.

Other ideas that will make life easier (and greatly different), include the following:

[Using thoughts as tools; relationships]

We will find ourselves using our thoughts as directed energy tools. We will learn to focus our thoughts and use them in an almost physical manner to accomplish many of the tasks we accomplish today with physical tools. We will also use our thoughts in a focused manner for less physically apparent (but just as real) accomplishments having to do with relationships, group constitutions, and so on. We will be more readily and clearly aware of how our thoughts create what is all around us in terms of what we call reality and what might be more clearly called physical experience.

[Children will be more precious]

Children will find their way easier as adults come to terms with the self-created centuries-long alienation from God. Adults will come to realize more strongly how very different children are in their very constitution and makeup, and will learn to honor those differences and learn from the wisdom all children give out as a natural outgrowth and expression of their very nature.

There will be fewer children, though, and some people will regret that, thinking, "Just as we have come to finally honor and appreciate children for what and who they really are, we have far fewer of them." This is as it should be, of course, since it was the very need to learn that that helped bring about quite so many children in this world. That is, in dishonoring children, humanity has caused an imbalance that called forth many children to help humanity see that the children needed to be treated differently. Whenever we are misbehaving, in whatever area of our lives, we will find that something will come into our lives to give us an opportunity to choose to behave differently. Lots of children mean lots of chances to misbehave, but they also mean lots of chances to change our behavior so that we behave well. Once we do so, there is no longer the need for so many children.

[Group partnerships]

You will find, as Marina pointed out in a previous Lighthouse Group channeling, that working together as partners in groups will become more accepted and more the norm. This is again a natural outgrowth of recognizing the value and importance of the complete soul. And that citrus, especially citrus drinks but also citrus in all forms, is increasingly more important to this world.

[Letting the gifts flow]

And finally, you will find that reciprocity becomes a watchword. If I help you, I expect you to help me or to help another in the world. This is not in the sense of obligation and duty so much as it is in the sense of being aware of how we are all interconnected, and how we must all then accept responsibility for our mutual existence. We can no longer comfortably sit back and expect someone else to take care of us, or to expect that the world owes us a living without us giving anything in return. That is what we are calling male thinking in this session, thinking that says that we do not need to consider others when living our lives. We as individuals must contribute to the good of all, or we will perish individually to this earth and return to another earth where the lesson is still to be learned. Those who have learned this lesson will stay. Those who have not will go. There is no judgment implied in this, though there are those of you reading this who will read it that way. Instead, it is a statement of the fundamental nature of life when lived within the great Goddess whom you call Earth. All is cooperation and contribution to the greater good. Any thing or thought that violates that principle is cast out into the outer darkness. Those who think in such a way are also cast out. They will call it hell, though it is only another learning opportunity.

This is not to say that any stray thought of separateness permanently dooms us. We do not mean to instill fear. We wish to reassure you that a single thought, or even some series of such thoughts, that contribute to separateness will simply go where they best exist, which is not in a dimension where cooperation and togetherness is the norm. If you make your life's core purpose be separateness, yes, you will find yourself in that other dimension. If you struggle with such thoughts but have the intention of creating a cooperative venture with others, then you will remain, though opportunities will come to you to learn what the consequences of separatist thinking are.

We realize that this will seem harsh to some of you, and may sound as though you have no freedom or free choice, or as though you are somehow being put in some kind of socialist camp for the spirit. We apologize, for the channel is struggling with concepts that are only dimly represented by these words.

[Our thoughts are vital to our experiences]

If we may try once again to summarize: The fundamental idea here, as closely as the channel can get it at this point in her development (and even yesterday she would not have gotten this much, but she has made changes in her own life through decisions she has made recently that have allowed this new form of information to start flowing into her), is this:

The thoughts we think, the decisions we make, the intentions we have, are vital to the experiences we have. This is beyond the concept embodied in the phrase "you create your own reality." That was a useful phrase for opening a door, but there is much more beyond that door, and we are struggling with our channel here [amusement with and sympathy for Marina here] to bring forth that next step in the developmental spiral you call life and your experience of existence.

[The role of our beliefs and the government in AIDS; our beliefs as cities]

For example, without judgment, we would say that those of you who have AIDS have it because you chose to blend or merge with a certain thoughtform/structure/city/belief. It is a constellation or complex of thoughts we are referring to here.

Allow us to explain this rather controversial statement. Each of us "lives" in a city of thoughts. You can call that city a citadel, a structure, a construct, or whatever you like. We will call it a city because it most closely conveys this particular idea, though we would caution you not to take the analogy too far, for it will imply more rigidity than we wish to convey. In fact, you are free to "travel" from "city" to "city," and you do, depending on your mood, your purpose for the moment, your intentions, your physical location even.

Those cities contain a marvelous myriad of related thoughtforms. You might say that each inhabitant has his or her own unique experience of and expression within that city, represented by the "apartments" or "homes" we live within in that city, as well as by the furnishings in those apartments. Again, remember that this is an extended analogy, although we would add that our physical environment reflects the nature of our spirit homes.

When we meet someone who is an inhabitant in another city, we can choose to merge or blend with them, or not. In such a merging, a sharing or merging of the thoughtforms we live within also takes place. The result is that we now contain within our own living space some part or parts of that other person's city.

If their city held thoughtforms we are uncomfortable with, such as beliefs in disease or in the wrongness of our sexual orientation, then we have chosen, in choosing to merge or blend with that person, to also bring into our own experience those thoughtforms. By merging or blending, we mean most commonly on your plane what you call sexual relations. There are other ways to merge or blend with a person, having to do with choosing to align yourself with their thoughts for whatever reason, but those ways are much more consciously done and so do not at this moment need comment from us.

This blending is the manner in which AIDS is spread. It is not a disease as you normally think of diseases, and your government is well aware of that fact, and of the true nature of its existence and origin, though it chooses not to spread the truth in this matter. Remember that your government is a representation of, a physical outgrowth of, your own mass beliefs. You do indeed get exactly what you deserve [a smile from the entities at this], though we might rush to assure you that it is what you have asked for. You can ask for something different.

[Interesting though that part about our government is, I asked for them to continue on the main subject.]

So we are asked to stay focused here, and we are indeed chastised. [They're laughing.] We wish to express so much, and our channel has been reluctant to communicate with us, so we are trying to cram much into a small space. So let us return to the topic at hand. Truly, we can say much, but we will summarize quickly. It is important to recognize that the thoughts you swim within (the city of thoughts that you live within) are yours by choosing. You can choose to change any aspect of that city, or you can choose to live in a hybrid city of your own making, or a city you make in cooperation with other like-minded souls. If you are experiencing any discomfort, you can change it with a thought or word. But recognize that the city is a cooperative venture, and that others are contributing to it as well. If you choose, for instance, to merge or blend with someone whose thoughts or actions "make" you uncomfortable, then you are choosing to accept within your own experience those thoughts, and therefore the consequences of those thoughts. So choose wisely who you wish to be with.


We recognize that these ideas may be what you term "politically incorrect." There is the thought among New Age circles that any way of life is okay, and that we do not need to, nor are we entitled to, judge any other lifestyle. This is true. But it is also true that we are entitled to choose what we wish to experience, and if someone is living a life that we are personally uncomfortable with, we are entirely entitled to withdraw from that person, to disassociate ourselves from that lifestyle. As Marina says, we may "discern" what we like and don't like, and we are entirely within our rights to then remove ourselves from those people or situations we do not wish to experience, remembering that it is the underlying philosophy or inherent beliefs that create the experience, so that, in removing ourselves from such situations, we are also removing ourselves from those beliefs.

[You are freer than you think you are]

We hope this brief introduction to these new thoughts will allow you to start to sense the reality of your own truth. We are hoping to introduce you to the concept that you are far freer than you think you are. Those of you who already have this concept under your belt, so to speak, need not read into this the thought that everyone needs this introduction; you may wait patiently until the more advanced lessons are given. This is meant to be taken with humor; we of course recognize the validity and variety of your experiences, and know that you are free to choose the path you wish to take. Marina's teachings, and those of her [former channeling] group, the Lighthouse Group, are one path of many, and we each, ultimately, forge our own path, though our paths cross and criss-cross many others. In the criss-crossing is where we find the most interest, for it is there that new varieties of experience arise out of the hybrid thoughts thus created.

For the sake of ending before midnight, and for the sake of the channel, whom we have kept busy for many hours now, we will close now. A hearty and healthy greeting and farewell for now to all of you who are reading this in whatever Now you are experiencing us in. Know that you can choose to allow to flow into your experience any or all of the concepts in this epistle, and that you can in so doing allow the energy and love that we send to also flow into your lives. Good night.